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Poem - Trickster

Who are the tricksters in our society? They range from Bugs Bunny to John Stewart. The poem “Trickster” is about the many beneficial aspects of the Trickster spirit.

Poem for Day 024 - 20150124

Seek them not
in one face or sex.
Expectations disabused
by a shifting guise.
Knowing of years,
young of action,
lessons come after
prankster has acted.

Respect only given
to innocent true heart.
All others will learn
at mirth's cutting edge.
Pull back the curtain,
with tricks and games,
awareness shared
as tyrants are shamed.

Jester of the court,
prance about for us,
tell us the things
we secretly want to hear.
With voice of gibe wit,
you speak truth taboo.
Take message to heart,
secrets only they can say.

Creator of life
with only mud at hand.
Evoke our world,
bring new life from old.
Speak for the gods,
walk as the sacred,
with guise of the knave,
intercede on our behalf.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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