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Is This for Me?

My lovely mate had a dream recently. She was left wondering, "was this dream for me or was it for somebody else?". My quick answer was, "yes". Her's was a valid question in the world of divination and omens. When I do a tarot reading I state the intention that the results are "for the querent" so we don't read for the person the next table or next house over. Sometimes the cross-pollination of readings does occur, but it's worth the try to keep things straight. More often than not, the "cards not for the querent" are speaking for or towards another person that is part of the original question or the final answer. I digress though.

So my mate asks, "was the dream for me?". Good question. Here's my take. Every event has a possible meaning for those exposed to it. Every story or situation has a potential of informing those involved. The deciding factor is whether or not you are in a matching vibration to the event. My mate's dream was intended for her. There are strong signs of this. She also has a history of getting very clear indications when she is dreaming for others. I also benefited from the dream because, in my own life, I can relate to the message. My interpretation of the dream put me in a position that I had to see something in the dream that applied to me. It couldn't help but happen. My interpretation was informed by my own experiences and the results, and while I hoped to relay some kernel of information to my mate, the "story" I came up with had my life's imprint on it.

What does this mean to you? Everyday you see many more things than you are able to consciously process. In theory, it is all processed unconsciously, with a small fraction of "important" stuff coming into the forefront of consciousness. The filter for this blossoming of awareness is based on what is important to you. The things you are aware of have a message for you. They have meaning and importance in the now. There is a very large transpersonal world out there. Lots and lots of things going on. The omens meant for you will become interpersonal.

Here are an example to pull together these thoughts. Suppose you are thinking about buying a new car. Suddenly every other commercial on TV is a car commercial. Driving in your old car, you spot a dealer "vanity plate" at the same time you are in front of the dealership. You remember their television ad from the previous day. You're not in a rush, so you check out their inventory. Thirty minutes later you are the owner of a new car. Is any of this magical or metaphysical? Nope. It is a series of mundane, transpersonal things that happen everyday. The thing that is different is that your point of attention is on purchasing new cars. This mundane example can be expanded to "fancier" omens like seeing types of animals, a number of objects, people who look like other people, and so on. To bring my posting full circle, my mate's dream told me that I needed to trust in a path that I'm on now. The teacher mentioned is one that we are both working with. Was the dream intentionally "designed" to speak to my mate and/or me? Who knows? My answering question is, "if I did get a message, does it matter who the *intended* receiver was?".
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