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Poem - She Was the Melody

I was checking out poems in Tumblr and there I came across the mixed media expression of “She was the melody” ( It immediately spoke to the poet to me. The result is “She Was The Melody”. It is a poem about remembrance of a special person no longer in my life.

She Was the Melody
Bonus Poem for Day 024 - 20150124

She was the melody
of a song I long to sing.
Notes of rare beauty,
a theme heaven sent.

She harmonized my life,
brought peace to my strife,
and now her notes echo
in the memory of my heart.

An aria of past days,
her smile accompanied the song,
lips kissing pressed to mine,
in former rapture of love combined.

The shadows of yesteryear
are the chorus to my thoughts
as I remember my love
who sang to my heart.

She was the melody,
now lost to the past,
harmony of life lost,
a piece of heaven spent.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: melody, past, poem

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