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Poem - Praise the Dance Lead

The poem “Praise the Dance Lead” is inspired by an online blog ( titled “Why Date a Man Who Dances?”. The poem is written as if the poem's voice was talking to a follower about the lead.

Wikipedia says “The lead is responsible for guiding the couple and initiating transitions to different dance steps and, in improvised dances, for choosing appropriate dance steps to suit the music. The lead conveys his choices and direction to the follow through subtle physical and visual signals, thereby allowing the couple to be smoothly coordinated. These choices are communicated by partner connection”.

I have come to love swing dancing because of the challenge and responsibility of leading an incredibly high energy dance style. I hope my poem accurately and appropriately communicates the practical and (where applicable) romantic aspects of the dance lead.

Praise the Dance Lead
Poem for Day 026 - 20150126

Praise the dance lead,
conveyor of direction,
they have qualities uncommon
compared to most you will see.

They speak the language of touch,
the place and the time,
to push and to yield,
partners in movement combined.
Listen to the beat,
pace the mutual moves.
They guide the pair forward
as a pattern is revealed.

A path has been chosen
among many on the floor.
Move in elegance afoot,
through the crowded throng.
Stumble when out of sync,
a move misunderstood.
Recovery is anticipated
as new footwork is implemented.

Express yourself in every twirl,
celebrate footwork of you own,
your partner will move aside
as you manifest your desires.
They'll lead you to places unexplored
turns and twists on the dance floor.
follow their guided escort
and you'll be safe in their arms.

Your passion for dance
will be mirrored in the lead.
Celebrate love of life
with somebody who believes.
Ride the crests of the dance,
embrace seduction therein.
A heart may be given
to those who follow them there.

Celebrate the dance lead,
they are a standard not seen before.
They will celebrate you in return
as you dance forever more.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, dancers, lead, poem, poetry

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