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The Verse of Passion

A wonderfully artistic friend, one I've not seen recently enough, made an insightful comment during a discussion of love vs. lust. They said “No need to vs. it let's verse it...i do as often as possible...verse love verse lust...yummy passion...& yep it hurts sometimes...oh well...that's part of it...or so it seems.” OH! Such wisdom along with neat word play. The makings of a poem. With their kind permission I toiled over their words, with the result being the poem “The Verse of Passion”.

The Verse of Passion
Poem for Day 028 - 20150128

Love versus Lust,
battle lines being drawn,
between devotion and desire,

Lovers take heed!
In place of angry versus,
insert passion's connecting verse.

Passion puts choices aside
for a syllabic progression
from devotion to desire.

Affection, passion, ardor:
from mild like to mad desire,
passion feeds the lovers' fire.

Fondness, passion, horniness:
metrical passion in place
ending in lascivious play.

Attachment, passion, eroticism:
slap the leather and yank the chain,
passion binds the lovers' refrain.

Passion is the verse well played,
the swain bridge of the versus,
adventurous lovers embark.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: desire, devotion, love, lust, passion, poem

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