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What Kind of Pagan Am I?

I am a pirate pagan! Yarrgh! Fear my cleavage!

Model Pagan
You are the quintessential Pagan. You wear cool clothes, you accept new ideas, and you are open to change. You know who the ATC is, and you really dig Doreen Valiente. Knowledge will bring you closer to your goal.
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While I love women much, I didn't want to impersonate one. Since I wasn't supplied with a male picture, I found my own! BEHOLD THE MALE MODEL PAGAN...

Male Model Pagan
Male Model
You are the Male Model Pagan. Women want you and men want to be you. You're a genius who is also quite well endowed in other areas. As the rock star of the pagan world, you know it just doesn’t get any better than you!

I think that's the correct translation...
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