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Poem - Devious Success, Bitter Truth

The truth of oppressed people is hidden or out rightly disregarded by successful leaders, ones that Dr. Cornel West categorizes as “well-adjusted to injustice and well-adapted to indifference”. He measures these successful leaders against great leaders. The two are discordant. Success is attained at the cost of any possible greatness. Sadly our society is quicker to recognize leaders by success, and the great leaders are too often the martyrs of their veracity. I find Dr. Cornel West's words inspiring, but I fear for the livelihood of who strive to manifest them in our lifetime. This is the impact and rawness of his challenge.

Devious Success, Bitter Truth
Poem for Day 032 - 20150201

Consider success as a favorable outcome.
Heap upon this the attainment of wealth
and the currying for favor of all.
The loftiest goals await still,
fame and superiority
over mere mortals beneath thee!
The oppressed look to these models,
where is the successful leader for them?,

Can the successful be that leader,
what does this mean?
Compromises made for wealth,
well-adjusted to injustice.
Don't forget the very best,
well-adapted to indifference!
Favor caters to the a bottom line,
the lowest common denominator.

The oppressed does not need
a leader with these credentials!
Neither does the exploited,
removed from wealth above.
The abused masses long
for a leader to bring change.
Recognition of humanity first,
the false trappings of success come last.

Tear back the curtain of feudal ways,
tell the truth and reveal the sham
of successful leaders within.
Their fame is measured only
by their constituent minorities,
oppressed displaced from this prosperity.
Greatness find the leader who will
live long enough to tell this bitter truth.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
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