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Poem - Dead Can Dance Again

I had more to say on the theme of “The Dead Can Dance”. The departed dance in our hearts and mind. They live a life beyond death in our memories. The poem “Dead Can Dance Again” is an emotional look at how the ones important us continue to live past corporeal departure.

Dead Can Dance Again
Poem for Day 034 - 20150203

Dead can dance again, never truly pass.
Living haunted with memories of the past.
Those with us now are unwilling partners
to the loved phantoms of those gone before.

Hearts and minds enwrapped by reminders now.
That tune plays again in remembered song,
a stranger's face echoes features now past.
The recalled is never forever lost.

Hearts with hidden halls betray the moment,
doors opened to reminisce yesteryear,
time misled in the instant of recall,
to be plunged back to then, before the fall.

Never truly gone when memory calls,
alive and visible to only those who care.
Dance with smiles etched in the stones of mind,
grooves worn smooth with recollections consigned.

The dead can dance outside our longing arms.
As close as a thought, as near as yearning.
Taken by Hades, abducted to Beyond,
but like the spring, blossoming in the heart.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, dead, memories, poem, poetry

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