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Poem - Dead Can Dance Tonight

A final poem on the theme of “Dead Can Dance”. The living can live dead lives. Transformation can bring the walking wounded back to life. The poem “Dead Can Dance Tonight” is about such an event.

Dead Can Dance Tonight
Poem for Day 036 - 20150205

I need to dance
to revive my body
from an early grave.
I feel so exhausted,
so spent and beat.
Once I was alive
now I am insensible,
tired to touch,
numb to need.

I need to dance
to reset my soul,
to rekindle ashes
cold in forlorn hearth.
Tedious has become
script of my essence.
Psyche cold, defunct
from the lack of warm.
Apathetic, aloof,
heart's glacial state.

I need to dance,
with you as my partner.
I need to live,
with you as my guide.
I need to speak
your gasped name.
Replace one death
with a minor relation.
Our dance I so crave,
the death you will bring.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved.
Tags: dance, death, poem, poetry, rebirth

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