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Poem - My Enchantress

Sometimes you just have to start writing and see where the story takes you. This time around I knew I wanted to do song like lyrics. I was pondering how enchanting the swing dancers looked in their photos, and the poem kind of wrote itself from there!

My Enchantress
Poem for Day 037 - 20150206

My enchantress, temptress innate,
cast your wide web, entrap my heart.
You've no powers, none they can see,
and still I'm drawn as moth to flame.

Your voice beckons, lurid summon.
Why am I so helpless siren?
Cuffed by moans, caged by cries.
You call, I come, answer replied.

Recline in your arms, melt to your touch,
willing prisoner tethered to flesh.
How could I leave a perfect place
heaven found here, caged by arms.

Lift voice to speak, lips intercede,
no cry escapes as mouths embrace.
Passion erupts, seeking a voice,
language of mutual desire.

My enchantress, temptress innate,
my wings burn bright with our delight.
Could I escape this pleasure found?
Perhaps tomorrow, not tonight.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: poem, romance, seduction, temptress

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