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Poem - Let's Get Undressed

It's been said that it is easier to get naked with somebody than to talk to them. I can say that I do some marvelously personal social dancing with people that I know very little about. I stumble when I try to speak to them off of the dance floor. Why is it difficult? It is easier to shed physical inhibitions than it is to bare our souls.

Let's Get Undressed
Poem for Day 038 - 20150207

Let's get undressed, let's get naked,
show the hidden, that covered up.
I want to see you stripped down,
so leave those clothes on for tonight.

Prejudice speaks of challenges.
Anger reveals your boundaries.
Fear portrays work yet to be done.
Show the blemish, expose the scar.

Your hopes and dreams are true beauty.
Revelation of who you are.
Could I hold a goddess now,
splendor revealed for me to see?

I'll show you mine, naked as yours,
au naturel of myself exposed.
Let's celebrate uncovering,
disguises dropped at our clay feet.

Where do you shine, in God's glory?
Where do you sag, sad in the buff?
Reveal your true nature to me,
and leave those clothes on for tonight.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: naked, poem, poetry, revelation, self, undress

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