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Poem - Key of D Minor

Key of D Minor
Poem for Day 039 - 20150208

Lament the key of D,
minor be the saddest one.
Anxiety stalk the listener
of this most flat chord.

Growling Tiger spoke it so
in Calypso genre of time ago
plaintive cry of the common man
“Let them Fight Ten Thousand Years”.

Feelings of soul's deepest distress,
brooding depression and despair,
mark gloomy condition of the soul,
every fear present to shuddering heart.

Cry when you hear the note
saddest of all the keys
people weep when they hear it
so said the wise Nigel Tufnel.

If ghosts could speak, this note would be
their woeful voice from the void.
Strike the key, invoke the spirits,
dolorous echoes that most avoid.

Musicians beware, heed my words,
avoid the most dispirited chord.
Play the major, not the minor,
or you will evoke the note of woe.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: gloom, key of d, poem, poetry

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