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Poem - Beauty's Shadow

The “chalk and charcoal” treatment of my callipygian figure got me thinking about the shadow of beauty. I ran with the idea, with the poem “Beauty's Shadow” as the end result.

Beauty's Shadow
Poem for Day 040 - 20150209

Your beauty proceeds you,
a shadow cast in my world.
Shade of allure, pursue me,
into subconscious will you creep.

I choose not to escape its sphere,
with velvet touch of the goddess,
succubus make me the scoundrel,
lay across me your shadowed mantel.

Temptress of submerged desires,
aphrodisiac of the hidden soul,
predilections once suppressed,
brought to light at mistress' breast.

Where does your beauty end,
and my appetite begin?
Passion be your handmaidens,
with guile be my beckoning bride.

Now I live in your orbit,
seductress of my life.
Dark waters of Scorpio delved deep,
beauty's shadow envelop me.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: beauty, poem, poetry, seduction

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