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Poem - Dark Delphi

The poem “Dark Delphi” is a lover's request for the withholding of society’s prophetic judgments.

Dark Delphi
Poem for Day 041 - 20150210

Dark Delphi speak not of our doom.
Instead look to the pleasure consumed.
Judge us not for what’s done this night.
Passions illicit we recite.
Bar the world from these lover’s door.
What happens there is our concern.
Society turn your harsh stare,
look away from lovers fate shared.

So go my thoughts as I hold you,
nothing between us in our embrace.
You are my focus this moment,
my vision of carnality.
All other things will cease to be
when my exploration begins.
My world ends at your lovely limbs,
your body the core of all things.

Dark Delphi hold your swift judgment.
In this person I am renewed.
Tomorrow may be the unknown,
matters not, tonight is our own.
The world is removed from our sight,
we from it in our own delights.
Bodies are joined as souls declare:
our eyes behold our shared desires.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: delphi, lovers, poem, poetry

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