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Poem - Gift of Insecurity

I am rereading Alan Watt’s book “The Wisdom Insecurity”. I am also pondering why society reacts so badly to those who stray from the doctrine norm. The intersection of these thoughts is the poem “Gift of Insecurity”.

Gift of Insecurity
Poem for Day 042 – 20150211

You see me and react.
I am not in your book.
I am not the face of your god.
So you react from your insecurity.
You are taut as a drum,
I pound out a beat.
Orthodoxy has failed,
Where are you now?

Lost and adrift, afraid of me.
No frame of reference.
No shared commonality.
Attack is the eventuality.
I am marginalized, demonized,
to boost your confidence.
Evil among you, but my friend,
this view is your hindrance.

I am human, not a demon.
I am as divine as your kind.
The differences you see here
reveal to the blindness in you.
Divinity has created us all,
in all our differences.
Your reactions are contrary,
distant from your spirituality.

Security is an illusion,
the seeking beyond is frightening.
Answers given to your questions,
at the cost of former doctrine.
Allow me to be,
In my individuality,
And you will understand
the world as it is meant to be.

You now know more,
insight hard gained
about a larger world
in which you are contained.
So you see me and react.
I cannot change, I am me,
so I give you my friend
the gift of insecurity.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: difference, insecurity, outsider, poem
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