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Poem - Only Us

I've had dances that were simultaneously fleeting and eternal. Ten contradancing minutes have never gone by so fast when you are with a partner you enjoy. If only they could continue, alas, yet there are future dances.

Only Us
Poem for Day 044 – 20150213

Only us, on the floor,
dancing hand in hand.
You are my only focus
all others fade away.

Our tune plays on,
played for no others,
music harkens to hearts,
notes holding back time.

Focus on the now,
no past to remember,
no future to distract,
present is all I have.

be our guide tonight,
forward our steps
on this night so right.

Where we will end,
there is no telling,
it matters little,
our hearts courting.

My world now so small,
filled to capacity.
With a beauty complete,
only us on the floor tonight.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: contradance, dance, poem, poetry

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