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Poem - Pictures Proof

I've been actively doing photography since 2007. My first contradance pictures were taken in 2008. Look back at these, and then looking to the present, makes me think about the role that pictures have in our shared realities. The ones I took this week seem so real, but images from years past seem real too, but that reality is no more. What is real, and what can pictures tell us?

Pictures Proof
Poem for Day 045 – 20150215

In the moment,
all things seem eternal,
nothing more or less
than what we have now.
Nobody has gotten older,
no one has left this place.
Could it really be this way
or am I only wishing it were?

Recent pictures are my ally,
whispering their white lie:
nothing is changing here,
everything is as it was!
Last week, last month,
these pictures echo the now.
Fissures appear in the wall
between the now and then.

The veil has been raised,
but the fabric is thin,
cracks in our shared space,
with more pictures the clue.
We were younger once,
with people now absent by our side.
Do pictures reveal another moment,
as eternal as the one now have?

Reality is etched in sand,
on the time's tide swept beach.
It confirmed to you and me
by camera's remembering eye.
Calm the mind, all is well,
the moment is eternal nigh,
change is the only constant,
pictures proof of moments shared.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: memory, pictures, poem, poetry, reality

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