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Poem - Swing Bug

This was my 02/12/15 posting... it somehow did not end up on my journals! 

I once had a tai-chi teacher who said he practiced his moves during the slow times at work. He had embodied his art and it possessed him at all times. I find myself in the same situation with swing. At work, shopping, or even when I’m taking pictures, the swing bug grips me and I’ve got to react.

Swing Bug
Poem for Day 043 – 20150212

You can tell I’ve got swing bug
from that way I move my feet
no matter where I might be
when I hear that swing jive groove.

The soundtrack popping in my head
features Nat King Cole playing the tunes.
Gyrate my body to that swing medley
when I straighten up and fly right.

Step step rock-step and then a twirl,
Right there in the grocery store.
That swing soundtrack plays in my head,
I should be still, but I dance instead.

Hanging at the laundry mat,
Sensual swing fills my head,
Strut my moves in front of all:
triple-step triple-step rock-step.

My coworkers shake their heads
when I imagine dancing with you.
A sugar push tuck turn with a whip
You’re on my mind with swing in my feet.

Pay me no mind if you see me
tap my feet and spin around.
I’ve got that swing bug, dancing fool
when I hear that swing jive groove.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: life, living, poem, posssessed, swing

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