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Poem - Rejection Therapy

“Overnight Success”... not the typical artist's experience. This misconception hides the artist's secret, now revealed.

Rejection Therapy
Poem for Day 046 – 20150216

It is the artist's holy gift,
bequest upon those who create,
It's called rejection therapy,
all the great artists doing it!

Are they an overnight success?
No no, there is more to the tale!
So many years of hard practice,
in the shadow of anonymity.

For whom do they make their art?
Is it for adoring masses?
So many creations unseen,
self therapy is their creed.

Accolades heaped at their feet?
Ashes exchanged for their efforts,
pennies per an hour given.
No worry, they get just dessert.

Overcome the fear of public shame,
pain of rejection be banished.
Compliment of the gift package:
artist's rejection therapy.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: artist, poem, success

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