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Poem - Us as One

I wanted to write a poem about the ability of dance to break down the barriers of life. There is the saying, “no plan survives the encounter with the enemy”. The plan of maintaining YOU and THEM is soundly defeated by the social encounter of dancing. The microcosm of dancing opens up new thinking about the larger macrocosm of human relating.

Us as One
Poem for Day 047 – 20150217

Relating is such a challenge,
human nature feeds on distance,
the source is inward I and me,
ego feeding the division.

See the dance as analogy
to the challenge of relating.
Understand one, grasp the other.
From another, frame of reference engaged.

I dance and there is no more them.
We dance and there is only us.
Walls crumble at mutual touch,
microcosm of life expressed.

So I dance, and I then relate.
Understanding dawns at long last.
I relate to you when there are
no boundaries, only us as one.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dance, poem, relating

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