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Poem - Bones in Boxes

I personally struggle with getting rid of things. This does not go well with my past affliction: retail therapy. I’ve gone cold-turkey from the latter, but I still struggle with having stuff I don’t need. The poem “Bones in Boxes” is a reminder to myself of the work I’ve yet to do.

Bones in Boxes
Poem for Day 048 – 20150218

Bones in boxes, ashes in urns,
dust in my mouth, what have I earned?
I have so many possessions,
yet I still feel empty inside.
Where is the contest I saw?
Only a grasping illusion.

Step one, stop getting ever more.
Draw the line at the today’s treasures.
So large the pile, heap no more on.
Step two, bid things a fond fare well.
Goodbye gains of shopping therapy.
No longer needed, bid adieu.

I’ve earned my overdue forgiveness.
It is time to heal and move on.
I will have needed possessions,
they will not own my human soul.
No contest at hand, none to see.
Only a chance to be free.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: burden, poem, stuff, things

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