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Poem - To Become One

I experienced two things at a swing dance. The first was that there are people who love to dance as much as I do. They did not come to just socialize. They were there to dance, and dance they would! The second was that a capable and compatible partner makes the dance effortless, magical, and greater than the sum of its two parts. The poem “To Become One” attempts to share these two thoughts.

To Become One
Poem for Day 049 – 20150219

I was born to dance on this floor,
hold my hand, together we click,
music guides our ecstatic steps.

We've waited for this moment,
mutually consumed by desire,
to satisfy our dance passion.

You beauty is in shared movement,
grace echoes in personal joy,
you are all I longed for tonight.

Our lives laid bare to each other,
no masks are worn when we respond
to the dance's shared imperative.

Nothing can still our stamping feet,
thunder in your veins, roar my voice,
call the drummer, thrum to heartbeats.

I was born to dance on this floor,
fortune brought us together now,
we are two, dancing to become one.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: couple, dance, dancing, poem, poetry

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