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Poem - Heart and Head

Creative inspiration is a fluid organic thing. A friend wrote “The heart knows pain but still seeks pleasure. Foolish to believe. Wise to Hope. ”. Poignant and true words. I wanted to explore this more, but the a list of sayings about the heart inspired only fitful starts. I slept on the challenge. The next day brought the thought “feel with your head, think with your heart”. The poem “Heart and Head” then pretty much wrote itself.

Heart and Head
Poem for Day 051 – 20150221

Life is a tag-team event,
a cooperative venture
between companions unlikely,
the heart and the head.
Naturally separated at birth,
spectrum of experience removed
across the divide of life,
consider the challenges inherent.

The master of thoughts,
paralysis through analysis,
so many factors to consider,
lost in a sea of facts.
The master of emotions,
consumed by feelings,
all real and dissenting,
lost in sea of passion.

And yet there is hope,
The heart believes in love,
the head remembers loss.
Painful clues to a remedy.
To be wise to desire,
to ponder a compassion,
learning the best from each other,
mutual teachers no longer estranged.

The heart will seek pleasure,
but be thoughtful of pain.
The head will consider love,
though it feels foolish to believe.
Embrace the dichotomy.
Feel with your head,
think with your heart.
Divides crossed, life united!

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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