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Poem - Dancing in Color

“Dancing in Color” is a poem about my home contra dance hall River Falls Lodge ( The orange strips mark the hall's four dance lines. My dance partners are the best!

Dancing in Color
Poem for Day 051 – 20150222

Let's dance in color,
orange strips mark the lines,
beneath the colored lights.
Lights reflect in your eyes,
looking straight into mine,
pools of dancing delight.

Twirl the skirt, round and round
faster than the eye can track,
fabric sewn for the task!
Could I be as fancy dressed?
I doubt it in my shorts and shirt!
You'll look good enough for both.

I'm glad you're my partner,
let's do contra, I'm all warmed up.
I've waited for this all night.
Neighbors will do their thing,
some time spent with them,
and then I'm back in your arms.

Swing my partner, swing the next,
circle left, then pull right through right,
that's how we'll progress.
We're contradancing tonight
you and me, and neighbors too,
beneath the colored lights.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: contra, contradance, dance, poem, poetry

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