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Lyrics - House of Dreams

I wanted to write a poem about genius applied to poetry. I got two quatrains into it, and then the poetry took a jink to the dark. The result is the set of song lyrics “House of Dreams”. Very very gothic slanted. Ah! That's what happens when you listen to Miranda Sex Garden while writing poetry.

House of Dreams
Poem for Day 054 – 20150224

Prepare to see the world anew.
Eyes once closed now rudely opened.
Tear the curtain away from life,
covert made plain by those who see.

Shades of gray, too many to number.
The blinding white to deepest dark.
Look not to the most extremes,
shadows reveal hues of secrets.

Streaks of red speak of life's boundaries.
The color of lust's vain privies,
or the splash of body's essence,
scarlet succubus take your due.

Smokey light and ruby textures,
the world reveals itself to us.
Dare you see what waits there for you?
Join us here in house of dreams.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dark, gothic, lyrics, poem

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