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Poem - Dancing in Slow Motion

Contradancing is a very social form of dancing. You have a partner throughout an entire dance, but they are with you during an unsatisfying fraction of the dance time. The rest of the time is spent with neighbors or traveling as the 64 beats of music are discharged. Some couples stretch out their time together by replacing the caller's motions with selfishly cuddly moves. Others just suffer, and this is the subject of “Dancing in Slow Motion”.

Dancing in Slow Motion
Poem for Day 055 – 20150225

We are dancing in slow motion,
you accompanying another,
will you ever be in my arms?

The air carries your scent,
a fragrance of your beauty,
mocking me in my solitude.

Distance so short, almost touching,
I rail against the interval,
a chasm of separation between.

I see every hair, fleck of eye color,
and still we are disunited
segregated by space, mocked by time.

We are to be joined I intone,
the music's tempo matching my angst,
as beats thrum in stretched frequency.

Time is the traitor, forever my foe,
so quickly it took you from me,
and now it holds you far away.

We are dancing in slow motion,
an eternity lived in moments.
Ah, at last you are here again.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: contra, contradancing, partner, poem, poetry

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