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Poem - Another Poem

I am now two months into my “year of poetry”. I have more to say, more to reveal. It's a good thing I have ten more months!

Another Poem
Poem for Day 056 – 20150226

Another day, another poem,
once more I share myself.
Step onto the floor, pick up the words,
reveal my dance through poetry.

A challenging path I walk now on,
a year of poetry partly done.
Something to say everyday.
Should I proceed with caution?

So many sides of myself shown,
sensual and angry, beauty and pain,
outlines of a life revealed
in life's stanzas unreeled for you.

Look closely see the patterns,
my footsteps across life's floor.
I play praise of life's dances,
with tells louder than words.

Perhaps I am safe from you,
you'll not look too close today.
So many words spouted forth
from poet's mad revelry.

So ends another poem,
another day marked off.
I pray you will visit me again,
our dance continued through poetry.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dance, poem, poetry, year of poetry, yop

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