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Poem - Reading with Benefits

For the record, Mila Kunis is hot. Ok, with that said, I've been reading about why people read poetry. The answers were varied, but one humorous line of thought inspired me to write the poem "Reading with Benefits".

Reading with Benefits
Poem for Day 057 – 20150227

What happens when the dry tomes end,
and angst and passion begins?
They have a prose made for that
and it goes by the name poetry.

More than a passing greeting card,
less than a full blown novel,
poetry provides that needed relief
when you've got that itch to scratch.

Admitting the reading of poetry
is just a polite way you will see
to say that you strayed from the cultivated
and pandered a desire to be pleased.

Read a poet, and then another,
flit from one to the other,
they'll never know your dalliance,
you're be gone from them in moments.

Deliver the goods, with a bit of a rhyme,
passion invoked by lyrics combined.
This much fun shouldn’t be legal at all,
tisk tisk the poet for writing amoral!

Good enough to hang with, and to read with,
but to be with one would wonder.
Hide the poetry books well,
lest your dear old mother discover.

Is the prose dark and sensual,
or does it tickle your fancy?
Be big or small, it is quite fun
to sample the breadth of rhyme.

So indulge your favorite poet,
they'll give you a naughty treat.
Poetry will lead your life
into reading with benefits.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: humor, poem, poetry, reading

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