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Poem - Family Tattoo Night

The poem “Family Tattoo Night” was inspired by a fragment of a dream.

Family Tattoo Night
Poem for Day 059 – 20150228

Welcome one and all
to my family's joy.
You can join to too,
plenty of room for you!

Every Thursday eve
we do a coloring thing.
It's family tattoo night,
it'll make us feel alright!

Little junior likes the flash,
hearts and skulls and roses,
they cover his little back,
with even more on his torso.

Little sis sports the unicorns,
with bloody horns and gory hooves.
She's got a team at full gallop
that can never be removed.

My spouse is the most endearing
with yours truly name so inked
a hundred times over, in fonts varied,
just to say they love the one they married.

I go for the tribal flair,
so many meanings in so little space,
I've got so many from everywhere,
a United Nations ascribed in tats!

It's like this, every week,
get the ink once again.
A family tradition that's the best
until we all run out of flesh.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: humor, poem, poetry, tattoo

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