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Poem - All in the Eyes

Contradancing is a form of dancing in which the dancer's gazes are mutually engaged. The poem “All in the Eyes” is about the connection between two people when they dance. The world drops away, and the eyes speak louder than words.

All in the Eyes
Poem for Day 060 – 20150301

All in the eyes, that's what they say.
Seats of the soul, that's all I see.
When I dance with you, next to me.

Just smiling, speak not with your lips.
Just touching, sign not with your hands.
Talk with your eyes, volumes to me.

Near as we are, shape matters not,
So close to me, submerged in love,
so speak with your eyes, say it now.

Reveal your need, shared now by me.
Express your passion, flash eyes flirtatious.
I know your needs, they are mine too.

You've spoken to me, shared your dreams.
Lips said no words, eyes spoke instead.
World shrunk to us, staring across.

I'll drown in them, and you in mine.
So much has been said, nothing more,
as I dance with you and you with me.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: contra, contradance, eyes, poem, poetry

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