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Poem - All in the Hands

Swing is my other dance love. It is very different from contradancing. Eye contact is not a major factor with swing. Instead one mostly communicates through the hands. The poem “All in the Hands” is about the magic of swing communication.

All in the Hands
Poem for Day 061 – 20150302

All in the hands, reaching for you,
leading our dance, together with you,
guiding the moves across the floor

Step step rock step in unison,
and then spin you out for a twirl,
behind the back, done with no fear.

Hands speak louder than mere words,
this is our own language of motion,
with feet sharing in dialogue.

I could be blind, and still we move,
you and me, we've danced this before,
moves as a practiced perfection.

I'll push you away, pull you back,
twirl you around, both cross and front,
all in the hands, moved with our feet.

Avert the eyes, speak with the hands
So much has been said, nothing more,
as I dance with and you with me.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dance, lyrics, poem, poetry, swing

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