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Poem - Living on the Edge

A poem about things in life that hold our attention. Warning… it has depression type trigger words.

Living on the Edge
Poem for Day 063 – 20150304

Living on the edge of life.
No railing next to the cliff.
Shear drop to the base,
and such a desire to drop.

Look, a sparkly thing,
off to the side, in the grass.
Let’s play with that for a time,
until the charm declines.

Juggle the pretty words,
speaking of the good and bad.
Dangle the beautiful at times,
flat words on the dusty page.

Listen to the divine’s voice
in timeless music, lyrics pure.
Immediate remedy,
however brief it may be.

Engaged by people multitude,
throng from far and near.
Points of light in a city distant,
casting dim glow at the brink.

Too busy, too responsible,
stuck in place by contracts here.
Web of engagement tangles,
stale promises of life arrear.

Is it enough to stay?
When the anchor is gone,
be blown away, light as smoke
leave the world to live for itself.

Keep on living on the edge of the cliff.
Tug of war for my soul,
Nice of you to visit me,
live and let live, no more for me.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: depression, poem

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