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Poem - To My Unattainable

A person too incredible for words shared the poem “To My Unattainable”. This is a too common sentiment in human relations. I took the title and spun my own poem around this distressing theme.

To My Unattainable
Poem for Day 065 – 20150306

I met you and I knew,
no doubt in my mind.
You were to be the one
to which I would belong.
Yet this is not to be,
this message I send to thee.

Consider this a letter
that you will never see.
A missive of my passion
thrust boldly into the void.
Returned by the postman
'message undeliverable".

The reason for this reality
matters little to my soul.
Be it impractical or impossible,
the end is the same to me.
Dark mood consumes me whole,
remedy removed from my hands.

You would complete me,
fill internal place.
Puzzle pieces come together
in life's grand scheme.
Yet this space will remain,
this vacancy of the soul.

Thrashing of a heart,
grounded wings of love.
Shake my fist at the divine,
and gaze at you from afar.
Fun house maze of mirrors,
so close but yet so far.

To my unattainable,
I can write no more.
Tears blind my eyes
as pen tears at my heart.
Close the letter unredeemed,
sincerely the one not meant to be.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: love, poet, poetry, unattainable

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