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Poem - The Kissing Dream

Very few people can dream consciously. More often our dreams are a random selection of scenes that are unwanted. Sometimes a delightful surprise is served during our sleeping hours.

The Kissing Dream
Poem for Day 066 – 20150307

I dreamt of kissing you,
not a simple peck.
I dreamt of kissing you,
full on the lips.

I don't remember who started,
the first to leap the gap.
I only know we lingered,
bliss bestowed to each other.

It was a sleeping fantasy,
phantasm of my romanticism.
This did not hold us back
when our mouths met as one.

Hands reached to face,
cradling you in my hands.
Evoking passion shared by both,
dwelling deep in a kiss returned.

Our ardour was too short.
We met and merged and loved,
and then parted ways,
in that dreaming state.

I dreamt of kissing you
in that land of sleep.
I awoke with a smile,
and vowed to sleep again.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dreams, kissing, poem, romance

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