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Poem - We Must Be High

I’m strictly a social drinker, and I don’t do drugs. I do get high though! On a daily basis I am constantly taking a hit off of good music. Several times a week I mainstream with swing and contra dancing. Legal and fun. What more can you ask for???

We Must Be High
Poem for Day 068 – 20150309

The people say we must be high,
They say we must be drunk,
but that's not the case today,
it's dancing that has us lit.

Any night is a good night
to step out and cut the rug.
Be the music live or DJ,
it's reason enough to dance.

Bring your smile,
that's all you'll need.
Keep it on, beam it bright,
we'll be dancing all the night

Be it contra, swing, or blues,
it's all a reason to live large.
Got the music in our veins
and the need to step in our feet.

Don't mind the ages,
disregard the genders,
dancing is what we want,
and that's what we'll do!

Back is hurting,
foot is throbbing,
can't feel the ache
with the balm of dance in place.

The room is spinning,
can't see straight,
but that's from dancing
and not any alcohol.

The night is ending soon,
completed with a slow blues.
No stimulants imbibed tonight
just you and I high on life.

I'll hold you close,
like your beau might do,
but it's all just in fun,
cause dance makes it so.

The people may say we must be high,
and I'll agree with them on that!
It's a natural lift of life
from the drug of dance!

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dance, drugs, high, poem

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