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Poem - Every Day

The poem “Every Day” started out quite dark. There is part of me that lives that life. The poem was transformed as I talked to a friend about the lessons we learn from hardship, and the freedom that is realized on the other side of the darkness.

Every Day
Poem for Day 071 – 20150312

Every day is one I've not died.
For others every day is
one more they've lived.
They hold on tight to life
while I dance on the cliff of death.

I strive to still live,
other strive to not die.
See the difference:
I am seeking to be here,
while others are elsewhere.

I dance with the devil
to take away his tricks.
The catch is to only waltz,
perhaps a lingering embrace,
but then I go home alone.

I relieve the pressure,
give space to a breadth of life,
in the shadow of a possible end.
Only when I release my grip on breath
does the whole of life reveal itself.

A partnership with the edge
brings life to me now.
Every day I dance on the edge,
fear not the flirted cessation,
and see life as it meant to be.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: death, experience, life, poem, poetry

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