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Poem - I Recognize You

Life can be a lonely affair, especially when a person has their own goals and beliefs. Bumping into a like person can be both exhilarating and confusing. Where could it go? Is the recognition shared? The poem “I Recognize You” speaks to the struggles that occur after finding like minded others.

I Recognize You
Poem for Day 072 – 20150313

I recognize you,
a soul like me.
It's a rare thing,
like hen's teeth.
Now I'm not sure
what I'm to do.

Hello my new friend,
breath of fresh air.
Stalker of my visions,
doppelganger of my life,
What portents do you
hold in hand for me?

Shall I allow you
to escape from me?
Is this meeting
really meant to be?
I've been spooked,
arrested from my life.

It's been so long,
here alone like this.
I've wandered a part
in this wide world.
You hold up the mirror,
I recognize myself.

I could call this
It is more like
Strange animals
finding a compatible.

I've got my plans,
goals stretching afar.
Do you fit, mirrored one?
Distract or guide me,
with so much alike,
do you desire same as me?

Is this thing mutual,
do you find me unusual?
Is the chord struck monotone,
or is this reaction stereo?
Air thick with tension,
see how my hand shakes.

Engage my body,
this would be nice.
My mind is engaged,
may the rest follow?
Heart be enthused.
I'm so confused.

I recognize you,
sweet fellow traveler.
Take up your bag
and walk with me.
I'm not sure what this is,
but I'm doing it with you.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: journey, poem, poetry, recognition, soulmates

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