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Poem - Past Message Future Fate

Poetic inspiration is a funny thing. A dear friend shared thoughts about the cycles of life, how things repeat. This got me thinking about why cycles repeat. I then was watching past episodes of the television show Continuum. One of the characters said, “There is no fate, we chart our own course here and now.” This led to thoughts of similar lines in the Terminator movies. The end result is the poem “Past Message Future Fate”. I'm going to do some more poems on this topic. The things that motivate our actions is an incredibly rich topic.

Past Message Future Fate
Poem for Day 074 – 20150315

If we got a message
from our future selves
warning of events
already occurred,
what would we do
in this present now
to set things right
in a future yet cast?

Cycles fixed by habits,
triggering emotions,
strangling addictions,
get the best of us.
Is a fate assumed,
cast in stone not set?
Are our cycles now
fixed to yet repeat?

The switch is flipped,
the light turns on.
The string is pulled,
the mannequin responds.
Warning is not from future,
It is from the past,
reservoir of yore wisdom
available in this present place.

Do do you know who
flips the switch?
Do you see who
pulls the strings?
Best beware if not yourself,
observe cause in the past,
these will act again
against the impending self.

So look to the message
of yesterday's echo.
See the fate that awaits
in the future now.
There is no fate,
only trends clearly known.
We chart our course here,
it is what we make for ourselves.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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