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Poem - Touched

Artistic creation is a terribly personal affair. Sometimes it is private. Other times it is shared with the larger world. I go with the latter, and in these efforts, I am tickled to no end when my work is acknowledged by other poets. Are they more special than other readers? No, of course not. Instead they are peers of a sort, and because of this, their recognition is a buoy to my daily pursuit of poetry. The poem “Touched” is dedicated to all creative types that lift the spirits of their comrades in art.

Poem for Day 075 – 20150316

Joy and darkness,
dance and death,
these are my themes
which I must express.
Seen and acknowledged,
showing interest by act,
visitors are welcome
to my expression of life.

Your interests amaze me,
diverse as they are,
to be counted amongst them
is a treat to my heart.
Our styles may differ,
brevity or verbose contrasted,
classic construction or freehand,
this matters not as paths collide.

Across the digital divide,
another soul of similar mind,
reaching out to confirm my art
as striking a similar cord.
Your attention honors me,
but something is more important,
that I’ve reached beyond myself
and touched another one.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: artist, connection, poem

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