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Poem - Music Be My Lover

A tumblr associate (brandonjbarnard) wrote "whenever I write I listen to music which matches the mood of a scene. I feel that when listening to music your mind thinks in an augmented way and it is reflected in your writing.” I complete agree. Inspiring music plays while I write my poetry. The tumblr associate went on to recommend groups they enjoyed, one of them being the UK group Boa. The poem “Music Be My Lover” was written while listening to The Boa channel on Pandora.

Music Be My Lover
Bonus Poem for Day 076 – 20150317

Listen to music,
create the art.
Willful possession,
I am victim voluntary.
I am your paramour devotee,
willing partner of sensual crimes.
Co-authors of art's inception
on this eve of my submission.

Strip away inhibitions,
open my mind to your siren call.
Down the rabbit hole I follow,
inspiration nude to your touch.
Music be my lover tonight,
melodic words stroke creation.
Creative climax building,
enrapture me succubus of sound.

Lyric echo my life,
mirrors of soulful genesis.
Inception of new being
in my now supine cosmos.
Birth new vivacity,
with your melodic complicity.
Spent from our creation,
with music my lover this night.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: love, lover, poem, poetry

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