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Poem - Ballad's Sad Rule

I saw a meme that denied the popular saying “luck of the Irish”, unless that luck is bad. This got me thinking. Some dear friends sing Irish ballads, and many of them end up with one or more people dead, imprisoned, or both.

Ballad's Sad Rule
Bonus Poem for Day 076 – 20150317

Sing me an Irish ballad,
one without luck,
the topics will vary,
but the results are the same.

Lovers are separated
by blood of flesh or kin,
United they are parted,
and probably both are dead.

Starvation stalks the land,
farms are sadly fallow,
barren, wasted by disease,
a people dispersed to ends.

A people imprisoned
by foreign nations within.
Forced to work and to slave
just to continue to live.

Impassioned rebellions,
bringing arms to bear
against King's country
struggle to be free again.

Sing me an Irish ballad,
look high and low if you will,
find me the happy exception
to this ballad's sad rule.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: ballad, death, irish, poem, poetry, sad

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