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Poem - Me and My Sweet

Contra and swing are both social dance forms, but sometimes the world shrinks down to a singular partner. Others may be there, but they aren’t the one in your eyes.

Me and My Sweet
Poem for Day 077 – 20150318

Just me and my sweet out to dance,
going to some contra,
or maybe some swinging blues,
it'll be great fun tonight.

Can't believe my luck
to have a partner in you,
it's a gift from heaven
dancing at my side this night.

We may wait for our turn
to strut our boogie feet
that's OK with me
while I'm dancing with you

The dance floor is full,
dance small they say,
but all I see right now
is my sweet in front of me.

We'll glide across the floor,
hand in hand we'll connect.
My world is wholly content
with you as my partner complete.

A last dip for this song,
wrapped around, safe in arms,
Me and my sweet, dancing a treat,
I'd be nowhere else but here tonight.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: contra, dance, poem, sweet, swing

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