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Poem - Kissing Like The Stars

There are a lot of iconic kisses on the movie screen. Some are practical, most are Hollywood.

Kissing Like The Stars
Poem for Day 078 – 20150319

Kiss me like the movie stars do,
make it exciting, more than mundane,
thrilling like the celebrities.

We'll be kissing like Captain Jack,
speaking the vernacular,
lots of tongue, which is yours or mine?

You should be kissed, and often,
by someone who knows how.
Immortal words from Gone With the Wind.

Laying down with From Here to Eternity,
waves lapping on the beach,
hold the embrace, kiss me deep.

Lady and the Tramp, make it spaghetti,
start at the ends, work toward each other,
we'll have that kiss when we meet in the middle.

We'll be kissing like Spider-Man,
upside down in the rain,
mask pulled back, water down the beak.

Movie magic is how we'll kiss,
you and me on the big screen,
we'll make out like the stars do.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: hollywood, kissing, poem, poetry, stars

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