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Poem - Not About Politics

I read about ( the changes that the North Carolina board of governors are imparting on the state's university system. On January 16, Tom Ross, the outgoing president of UNC, said “There’s been a dramatic change in the state’s leadership, in policymakers.” John Fennebresque, the chair of the board of governors, insisted that the decision for Tom to resign was not about politics, at least not “to the best of my knowledge”. My thoughts on this produced the poem “Not About Politics”.

Not About Politics
Poem for Day 081 – 20150322

It's not about politics,
it about who's in charge,
and what they want to do.

We'll shutter your programs,
shutdown dissenting voices,
for the good of our cause.

Count the dollars and cents,
this is the true purpose inherent,
training drones for our work force.

Look not to what's lost now,
the pain will be short term,
cancer removed for the best of all.

Liberal ideas have no merit,
dare not indoctrinate our youth
with stain of enemy dogma.

Embrace diversity, the other kind,
that worships the orthodox
of national flag and dollar sign.

It's not about politics,
because we're in charge,
just sit back and enjoy the ride.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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