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Poem - Lady Griffon

Sometimes beautiful pictures present an opportunity to create something in it's image. The poem “Lady Griffon” is my tribute to photographs I took at a contradance.

Lady Griffon
Poem for Day 082 – 20150323

Lady griffon, with the key to my heart,
mistress of the air, speak my name.
At River Falls, beneath the stars,
the music echoes your heart's delight.

My paramour of Nemesis,
I open my arms to your embrace,
perhaps I am fated to end here,
if your retribution is my fate.

I hold your wisdom in my arms.
I see your strength in your eyes.
It matters not what others say,
you are divine nature revealed to me.

Flee to the skies where you reside,
shared humanity is your anchor,
desire to turn the wheel is my lure,
and to this end I'll follow you there.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: griffon, lady, poem, poetry

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