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Poem - Shared Grace

I love meeting people who open my eyes and expand my world. One person can be an invitation to change an entire life view. Blessed!

Shared Grace
Poem for Day 083 – 20150324

I was blind before,
by upbringing and experience,
but that is no excuse
for the ways I expressed myself.
You’ve changed my world,
opened my closed eyes,
shown me a new vision
of how I should see life.

You did nothing magic,
no sleight of hand or miracle.
You instead were just yourself,
a testament to our grace.
A divide has been crossed,
my separation resolved.
My eyes have been opened
to the shared experience of all.

Now I count you as friend,
an equal in this walk of life.
Where you step I will follow,
judgment shed in recompense.
You’ve changed my world,
or perhaps it is better said,
that you’ve opened my heart
and made me much more human.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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