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Poem - Invisible

Spontaneous photography captures people in moments of pure emotion. It is at these times that an image of their inner beauty is revealed. This beauty can be as glorious or terrible as the emotion. Thankfully my dance photography captures the shining moments of people. The poem “Invisible” is about the things I see when I review the pictures of my friends.

Bonus Poem for Day 083 – 20150324

I weep for the world, beauty unrealized,
unseen by the bearers of their divine grace.
Each an expression perfection unto itself,
unique in self radiance, incomparable to others.

Here is the crux, the heart of the matter,
contrast blinds the eye to what is really there.
It cannot see itself, others are not mirror enough.
It hides the most precious in plain sight of the one.

We are not meant to be the same,
snowflakes in the spectrum of life.
All similar in nature, unique in essence,
invisible to ourselves, while others must see.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: beauty, poem, self-image

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