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Poem - Dance Memories

I write a lot of poems about dance. Why not? It is one of my loves. The poem “Dance Memories” is about the ephemeral memories generated in the heart of a dance fully shared with a partner.

Dance Memories
Poem for Day 084 – 20150325

The air carries the music this night,
invites the guests to take the floor,
with promises of shared joy
on this eve of future memories.

Kindly associate, near stranger,
you know my name, I may know yours.
Fingertips touch in the balance,
pull you in with the swing.

To hold you close, but not too much,
enough to know you're really there.
You are my world in this breath,
precious moment to be exhaled.

Find the heartbeat in the music,
the piper's calling for our tryst.
The rhythm is felt by both,
worlds collide in a tempo shared.

Where do I end and you begin?
I've misplaced track of a prior self.
Perhaps the lost hidden in plain sight,
amongst skin and music and song.

So very close, yet too far for me,
glimpse of heaven's glory revealed.
joy to be tasted but not savored.
on this dusk of blessed memories.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: dance, memory, poem

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