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Poem - Dearest Doppelganger

There are some people of the opposite sex that we adore only because we admire them so much. There isn’t a romantic thing, it is almost as if they are who we would be if we switched genders.

Dearest Doppelganger
Poem for Day 086 – 20150327

If I could be the other gender,
if I could be the opposite sex,
you'd be you my chosen doppelganger.

God wouldn't mind, he'd play along,
he's already made us two of a kind,
echoes of each other in different types.

Don't think I'm in love with you,
I'm enraptured with what I could be
if I were another with different curves.

We are already more similar than not
a swap would confirm what we know at heart,
the grass is as green when we're the other type.

I'd love to test drive another model,
similar to the one I already have,
to see what it's like on the other side.

To be broad of chest, to have fair hair,
or quick of wit and keen of thought,
so many attractions that I would like to be.

I'd shed the years, or add them on,
move through time for a new perspective
as I step into another's frame.

If I could be the other gender,
hard and soft in different places,
you'd be my choice dearest doppelganger.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
Tags: gender, identity, poem

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