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Poem - A Poem a Day

“Poem A Day” is my 88th poem on a year's journey of doing (at least) one poem per a day. I do have some recurring themes, and I hope my readers don't tire of them! Writers tend to write what they know, and I am glad to know about these topics.

Poem a Day
Poem for Day 088 – 20150329

A poem a day, something to say,
spinning the words, tales of my life,
thoughts that I have, shared with you,
themes repeated as days proceed.

Poems about dance, graceful movement,
something I love, balm of my life,
how could I not praise in lyrics
the magic of my partners' grace?

Sometimes I speak of death's aspects,
little and small in all its faces.
Change is the life's eternal constant,
the Reaper at hand to guide the way.

Beauty is my pleasant addiction,
inspires my odes to the sensual.
Lovely curves most pleasant to see,
given voice in my words expressed to thee.

Dancing and death, mixed with beauty,
sensual rebirth by dancer's gaze,
themes presented for your inspection,
through gift of a poem a day.

© 2015. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved
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